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Good for the environment and Good for Business!

When engineering a solvent recovery system we take the time to become familiar with our customer’s unique situation to provide the most effective solution within their budget. Whether it’s installing a completely new system or replacing components of the existing one, we can provide the services and features that will meet the customer’s needs.  Disposing of waste solvents can be costly and time consuming.  PESCO gives you solutions that earn you dollars and help the planet.  

Featured Case Study

meta closed loop
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Metalub is a closed loop cradle-to-cradle facility in Costa Rica that recycles used automotive oil into a clean shelf ready product.
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Completed Projects

Green View Technologies (GVT) – Rollinsford, New Hampshire

In 2011 Pesco designed and built a Used Motor Oil Re-refinery for GVT. The system was brought on line in 2012 and has been producing Group 2 API Approved Base Lube since then.

Sartomer Inc. of Chatham, Virginia

tionation system for Sartomer.

Brent Industries

Brent Industries of Brent, Alabama, a large industrial laundry company  purchased two Xylene re-distillation systems from us in 1995 and 1996. Pesco continues to advise Brent in the operation and maintenance of these systems. At each facility they process 135,000...

Environmental Services, LLC of Chicago, Illinois.

Pesco has designed and built a 1,200 Liter per hour hazardous industrial solvent recovery system for Environmental Services.