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The mission at Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company is to facilitate planet wide oil recycling, resource recovery and pollution reduction through innovation, the development of appropriate technologies, and the implementation of sustainable solutions.

We turn your waste management problems into money making solutions.

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Solvent and Oil re-refining systems


PESCO is a synergy of cutting edge design, in-the-trenches experience, top engineering ability and global standard manufacturing.
With over 25 years of environmental engineering experience in building, PESCO is your solution for affordable, turn-key, reliable, skid mounted, state-of-the-art Waste Recovery Plants.

Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company, founded in 1991, has been designing, engineering, fabricating, installing, testing and operating turnkey, skid mounted systems which recover near virgin grade solvents and oils from waste stream.

We Design and Build

Used Oil recycling & Solvent Recovery Systems

That are good for the planet.


Costa Rica

System Design

Systems designed and Pesco built

Metalub oil re-refining
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Oil recycling and re-refining

Metalub is a closed loop cradle-to-cradle facility in Costa Rica that recycles used automotive oil into a clean shelf ready product.

Oil recycling Flow Chart

Abu Dabi Re-Refinery




Successful Solvent Recovery Projects

PESCO Engineers have designed and built over 30 plants which recycle every kind of solvent – including Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol, Mono, Di and Tri-Ethylene Glycol, NMP, Heptane, Hexane and many others. We can turn your dirty solvent waste stream into virgin quality solvents so that you can re-use them back in your process. We have saved customers millions of dollars in hazardous waste disposal fees and new solvent purchases. This will help to lower your carbon footprint and help you do your part to save our environment.

Brent Industries Incorperated highly recommends the services and equipment of PESCO.  Over the past year we have had PESCO involved in many aspects of our solvent recovery and purification processes.

Royce E. Willie

CEO, Brent Industries

Recycling Waste Solvents for a Clean Future

Our mission is to facilitate environmental restoration, resource recovery and pollution reduction through innovative technologies and design, construction, and operation of affordable state-of-the-art waste recovery and bio-fuels systems.

Our Reconditioning Process

Graphic curtesy of Brent Industries

Luke Staengl

Luke Staengl

Founder & CEO

Luke has been the driving force behind several high technology environmental companies since 1979.
He founded and served as chief executive officer of three companies involved in converting biomass to bio-fuels, fiber, feed and other high value products. In this capacity he has lead and directed the design, construction and operation of several plants which produced fuel ethanol from corn and industrial wastes, using novel fermentation techniques and high rate anaerobic digesters to treat the resulting effluent.
He helped develop technology which hydrolyzed wood wastes into fermentation feedstock and other high-tech materials such as epoxies, carbon fibers, and resins. To that end he co-founded the Bio-based Materials Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute with Dr. Wolfgang Glasser.

Luke was founding member and served as President of the Virginia Ethanol Association for 8 years.
Luke served on the Grant Review Board for TVA’s South East Regional Biomass Program for several years. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Renewable Fuels Association from 1985 – 1989
In 1991, Luke founded Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company [PESCO] as an answer to the increasing demand for on-site, reasonably priced, skid mounted solvent and oil recycling systems. As president of PESCO he has led it from modest beginnings to a company with international recognition in the field of skid mounted oil and solvent recovery systems over a period of over 30 years. PESCO systems are recycling everything from acetone to xylene and motor oil, in locations ranging from Australia to Virginia.
In 1998, he co-founded VEDCO LLC, a company which recycles non-hazardous solvents such as
various Glycols and NMP at its Roanoke, Virginia state of the art stainless steel distillation plant. This
was sold in 2010.
PESCO has designed and built many Used Lube Oil Re-refineries which operate in several countries
including the USA. Several of these plants are now owned by large waste management companies such
as Safety-Kleen, Vertex, and Clean Harbors.
Luke has served on the board of the National Oil Recycling Association (NORA) and has developed a
good reputation for troubleshooting and fixing Used Oil Re-refineries in the USA, Malaysia and Egypt.
Luke has also served as a consultant for several Used Oil related projects.

PESCO is now exploring technologies to recover valuable co-products from plastics and tires to make
these technologies scalable and accessible to developing countries.

Letter of Recommendation

 May 2, 2022

Luke Staengl
President & CEO
Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company
1005 Industry Circle SE
Roanoke, VA  24013

Luke –

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased our company has been with the systems that we have purchased from you over the years. Having known you professionally for many years, I purchased my first distillation system from you in 2013. I could not have been more pleased with the production timeline, communication during production, and finally the tremendous support through installation and start-up. Your team delivered an excellent product and was, and still is, there for any and all problems or challenges that we may run in to from time to time.

Having been so pleased with our purchase, we contracted with you again to purchase an add to our original system. Having installed the first part of this with great success, we cannot wait until the remainder arrives to complete our process. We know that you and your team will be there to guide us during start-up and make sure that our equipment is running seamlessly.

I highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for state-of-the-art technology and support to go along with it!

Thank you for providing such excellent quality systems!


John D. Sharpley
Coastline Chemical, Inc. & SharpTech USA

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