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Green View Technologies


Rollinsford, New Hampshire

In 2011 Pesco designed and built a Used Motor Oil Re-refinery for Greenview Technologies Inc. (GVT) in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. Initially the system consisted of a high vacuum oil distillation system followed by a Bauxite based Lube Polishing System. It operated at a rate of 300 gallons per hour and produced a Group 2 Base Oil. In 2016 GVT added a PESCO designed and built Solvent Extraction System to further polish the base oil and to increase the plant
capacity. The plant now processes 600 gallons per hour of Used Lube Oil and produces Group
2+ API Approved Base Lube.

In 2020 the plant was purchased by Safety-Kleen. They are now in conversations with PESCO to increase the capacity of the plant by adding more high vacuum distillation capacity.


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April 28, 2022