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Wren Oil

First Plant Built in 1995
In 1995 Fred Wren came to the USA to meet with me and asked me to build a 1,200 liter per hour Used Oil Re-refinery. PESCO designed and built the first plant and delivered it in 1996. Sadly, Fred Wren passed away some years ago, and the facility was taken over by his two sons, David and Alex. In the past 10 years, Wren Oil has contracted for PESCO to build a Solvent Extraction System to improve the quality and quantity of Base Oil he was producing and that system has been operating for several years, producing and selling millions of gallons of Base Lube from Used Motor Oil. He has been selling ship tanker loads of re-refined Base Oil in the international markets through Singapore.

Recently Wren Oil has again contracted PESCO to design and build two additional High Vacuum Used Oil Distillation Systems to further increase capacity and improve the oil further. This system will be commissioned in 2022.


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June 7, 2022