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How It Works

At Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company, we have the engineering ability and experience to custom design and fabricate equipment for solvent recovery, chemical processing, distillation, evaporation, liquid recycling, oil re-refining, recycling and recovery, VOC recovery, ethanol production and dehydration, wastewater treatment, chemical separation processes.

Our systems range from simple flash evaporators with scrubbers and entrainment separators to complex multi-column computer controlled distillation units. Our systems are flexible because we build with stainless steel components and employ standard distillation technology. We can combine evaporators with columns in order to perform multiple functions, separating mixed solvents from dirt and other solids,

and then separating the various solvents from each other.

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1. Reach Out to Us – Discuss the Project

 A PESCO engineer will then collect specific information on your feedstock to be processed, the required finished product specs, your plant infrastructure, and other pertinent data to take the engineering process to the next step.

2. Negotiate and Sign a Win-Win Contract

PESCO will then furnish you with a proposal. Once we have signed a contract that works for both parties and the down payment is received we immediately start purchasing the components and parts. 

3. Engineers Begin Designing the System

Our skilled craftsmen then begin the task of custom building your system. We tailor each system to your needs and infrastructure, taking pride in the quality of our workmanship, from the initial analysis through the entire packaged system.

4. Build happens at our Plant

PESCO can give you the quickest turnaround time on fabricating these units at a great price because we build with quality used stainless steel components. Each component is inspected and remanufactured as needed, or custom fabricated to meet your unique challenge and specification.

5. We Ship the System in Shipping Containers

PESCO can incorporate quality pre-owned stainless and carbon steel components into its skid-mounted units, which will considerably reduce your capital cost. Also, this approach can drastically reduce the fabrication timeline since the equipment is already available.

6. Installation and On-site Training

Owners and staff have over 80 years of combined experience with chemicals and processes. In designing, building and operating our own chemical processing plants, we have come to understand the reality of limited budgets, timelines, and the need for balancing productivity, efficiency, and quality control.

PESCO has a pool of highly trained and experienced operators. If you have just acquired a new system, or need qualified operators for your existing process, PESCO can make our operators available on a short term or long term fixed fee basis. We will also provide you with operating manuals and process logs.

On a short term “as needed” basis PESCO technicians can train your personnel to operate and troubleshoot your system.

PESCO has contracts to operate and supervise various systems, and we have management and engineering agreements to help facilities operate systems at peak efficiency.

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